Last Breeding Pairs

I thought this piece I wrote for the April 2014 edition of The Overcast should be revisited in light of St. John’s Council slashing its grants to artists by 50%   Last Breeding Pairs “Absolute bullshit”, declared Danny Williams of the Conference Board of Canada’s population projection for Newfoundland and Read More


Not long back from a couple of weeks directing a film in Paris. The project is the brain child of my old and dear friend and colleague Steve Palmer.  Steve and I wrote and performed on The Great Eastern and related undertakings. Steve’s now a Professor at the University of Windsor Read More

A Year Old Column

When local real estate mogul Charlie Oliver announced that, instead of running for the Tory leadership, he was going to sponsor a think tank to tackle the intractable problems facing Newfoundland and Labrador some joked a barrel was a more apt vessel in which to ferment local ideas. Certainly, to Read More

Ray Guy

Ray Guy, the great Newfoundland writer, has died.  Spent a few insane nights drinking in his company back when Mary Walsh was running a branch of the El Farolito on Pennywell Road.  Here is a review I wrote of one his books, That Far Greater Bay Before the original, 1976, Read More

Ed vs. Ed

Here’s a fun discussion I had with Ed Roberts in the latest edition of the Newfoundland Quarterly.  It concerns Greg Malone’s new book, “Don’t Tell The Newfoundlanders”.  I believe I think more highly of the book than does Mr. Roberts.