A Wild Pitch

Pitch Cover

G: A Television Movie [PDF]

One is forever “pitching” film and television projects.  Only a portion get developed into scripts and fewer still get made. This orphaned project is interesting for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it was received in all quarters with the enthusiasm usually reserved for anthrax.  The producers shopping it (I’ve excised their names from the document) were told that it couldn’t be made given Canada’s current political climate. I believe that was unwarranted paranoia. I seriously doubt the man is paying that much attention.  My motivation was aesthetic and practical not political; it seemed to me the events surrounding the G20 Summit in Toronto were a rare case of some genuine intrigue and action in a Canadian setting so obvious source material.

And curiously, the main character in this Toronto, 2010 set tale makes an appearance in my forthcoming  St. John’s, 2013 set novel, “Today I Learned It Was You”.  So it wasn’t a complete waste of time.